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Slave girl enforced to cum part 1
11 mins 06

Seance in the dungeon with my cute slave girl and my obedient and horny slave boy. Today it is their task to amuse me and give me a little show. I want to see my slave girl be the best slut she can be and I want her fucked hard. Her nipples will be pulled and tortured, her mouth filled with his cock and she will get her ass plugged as well.

Tags: dungeon, high heels, leather, pantyhose, slave girl, lesbian domination, blowjob, nipple play

Scratching our little wimp
8 mins 08

This is going to be a lot of fun! Our little slave is such a good victim for our nails, we have him firmly tied up before we plant our claws in his flesh and scratch him hard. Our nail marks show up nicely on this little wimp's white flesh. He will be brutally and sadistically scratched for our amusement.

Tags: double domination, dungeon, leather, boots, scratching, bondage

Teeny strap-on Princess part 2
10 mins 24

Miss Gina is ready to penetrate her male slut deep with her big strap-on cock. He has no other option than to comply as he is in bondage and his cock is locked in chastity.

Tags: boots, blonde, strap-on, dungeon, anal, bondage, chastity

Dirty dripping ashtray slut
11 mins 37

Nothing but a spit and ashes bucket! His body is worthless to us, he is reduced to being an object, an ashtray to be filled with our divine juices and the dirtiest of ashes. On the floor, so he can look up at us, Goddesses and be gratefull for every drop of spit that he gets. His lips and tongue blackened by our cigarette ashes, his face no longer a face but merely a hole to use whilst we enjoy our smoking. Yet he drips precum with excitement...because he knows his position in life: underneath and at service of his superiors.

Tags: leather, boots, gloves, double domination, smoking, human ashtray
Barefoot ballbusting part 2

Barefoot ballbusting part 2

Length: 7 mins 15

Double boot cleaning duties

Double boot cleaning duties

Length: 9 mins 03

Double bastinado torture

Double bastinado torture

Length: 11 mins 45

Teeny strap-on Princess part 1

Teeny strap-on Princess part 1

Length: 10 mins 14

Barefoot ballbusting part 1

Barefoot ballbusting part 1

Length: 7 mins 17

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